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Thank you so much for your services. These 4 years have gotten better each year.
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Why Vigilant Technologies?

More than Just a Cloud Operator

Vigilant is not the typical cloud operator or service provider. We design, manage and operate homogenous cloud structures and private clouds for our clients. Our R&D lab is constantly working on best in-class solutions and pushing our vendors to meet the emerging needs of the cloud.We understnad the need to manage critical cloud parameters such as Processor core to Virtual CPU ratios, IOPs to workload balance and OS architecture Virtual disk placement requirements.

Our Knowledgbase is full ok Best Known Methods (BKM's) and practices, going back through years of Virtualization and cloud history.


A Cloud Service Provider must own critical structures to be able to anchor cloud services to fundamental technology standards and best practices

Hybrid Clouds...

Secure Core Network...

Fail Safe Cloud Migrations...

WorkLoad Portability...

High performance cloud infrastructures have complex multi-tennancy, network and storage requirements. The Cloud Service Provider ( CSP ), must own critical Network and Storage structures to ensure availability and performance.  Have Vigilant Build your cloud services intiative.

Enhance your Security with VMware powered Infrastructure Services Clouds. Vigilant clouds are housed in datacenters with 3 levels of authentication access control and no less than 5 security control points for access. These levels of secuirty are impossible to recreate in any enviroment that is less thena Tier 3 datacenter. Tier 3 datacenters (as determined by the uptime institute) typically cost a minimum of 9 million dollars per 10,000 sq.ft.

Each Vigilant cloud POD is designed to meet Federal and NIST security levels;

  • PCI
  • SOCS

Prior to Cloud Infrstructure Services, an organization would need to duplicate portions of their infrastructure to achieve High availability.

In the "cloud" age, Using Vigilant's Cloud Front TM technolgies,organizations can now seemlesly deploy custom enviroments into geographically divers, homgenous clouds without risk to data integrity and security, or painful learning curves of failed self managed cloud migrations.


To most organizations, mobilizing a workload (server or application) for cloud deployments is complex and risky. Vigilant has moved workloads of every flavor into the cloud using years of software engineering experience and tried and test tools and processes. Use Vigilant migration tools, migrations windows can be reduced dramatically, by as much as 80% or more.

"Public clouds cannot meet Mission critical needs without dedicated core infrastructure"

Organizations put there solutions into the cloud to provide diversity, yet many of them put their entire infrastructure into a large, public cloud. Although some consumer based organizations, like "Drop Box" may be able to meet custome needs this way, most B2B organizations that provide services to their clients need the appropirate recipe of dedicated, hybrid micro cloud structures and some CDN services in a large public cloud

"Backup and Recovery; The backbone of Data Managment"

Data Management has become a blend of snapshot, replication and persistent copies that are secure, duplicated, managed, and accessible. With the secure, on-demand, pay as you go services, our customers are able to scale up infrastructure on an as-needed basis providing them the agility to optimize their resources during a disaster recovery scenario. Vigilant’s fully integrated DR services provide rapid recovery of backup and archive data in the cloud. Cloud data storage delivers compelling economics to any IT environment struggling with data management. Vigilant’s cloud storage leverages multi-tenant architectures so ​​​​infrastructure costs are shared across many users. This helps lower costs substantially versus on-site solutions, which require additional provisioning, power, cooling costs, and more.


Viglant's cloud saves money for small and medium-sized organizations, and at the same time we proactively help with restoring applications and infrastructure when you have a service interruption. Our cloud infrastructure provides accessibility to your critical data without compromising the security or control of the data. Virtually unlimited storage capacity from our integrated cloud storage helps users dramatically reduce costs and operational complexity while improving long-term compliance.​​​

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Vigilant Cloud
Vigilant Technologies is a certified 8(a), Veteran Owned company headquartered in Chandler, Arizona. We provide products, services and enterprise-wide integration of innovative IT solutions to commercial, Federal, State and Local government clients. Our Leading edge services include Private/Hybrid Cloud, Server Consolidation, Virtualization implementation, and Infrastructure Management.
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